Welcome to the Mitzvah World Tzitzis Fundraiser online portal! Support your school and simultataneously personalize your very own pair(s) of tzitzis! Upon placing your order, we'll ship the tzitzis directly to you, completely free of charge.

Step-by step guide:

1) Choose the "beged" material of your choice (cotton, mesh, undershirt, wool, sport).

2) Fill out the respective options (types of strings, minhag, etc.)

3) Add the item(s) to your cart and adjust the quantity as desired.

4) "Coupon Code" box: enter your school's unique coupon code 10% of the sale will be donated to the school.

5) Enter personal shipping, billing, and payment info, and your tzitzis will arrive at your doorstep in just a couple days!

    Thank you for your participation in this fundraiser! Contact or call (323) 208-9613 for more information.